ZaCo Technologies: My Next Venture

For the past few years, I have been part of an amazing team that has grown from a social tool to re-live events online to a successful creative agency with clients in the likes of Nike, Mountain Dew, Six Flags, ESPN, and many more.

I am extremely fortunate to have helped grow this company, especially in the early days to get the initial product off the ground. The entrepreneur in me saw an opportunity that I could not pass up: an opportunity filled with great ideas, ambition, and most importantly, incredible people. (Little did I know, this would also be the beginning of my extreme caffeine addition. :-))

Today, I am excited to share a new opportunity with you that I have been passionately working on for some time: ZaCo Technologies.


ZaCo believes that technology is playing an increasingly important part in schools and is at the forefront of this by creating beautiful and easy-to-use software for these schools. Our first product is Ludus, an online ticket sales program aimed at K-12 performing arts.

Ludus was started when co-founder, Kevin Schneider, needed a new ticketing program for his theatre. Initially it started as a freelance project for me, but within a month, Ludus handled $40,000 in gross sales just for Kevin’s theatre program. I immediately saw a business opportunity and jumped on the chance to be a part of a market many people have overlooked. Now Ludus is growing at a phenomenal rate, signing on new performing arts programs every week, with much help from our partnership with Charms Office Assistant ‐ a program used by thousands of K-12 music programs.

And this is just the beginning. I’ll be sharing more numbers in the next few months as Ludus is on track to already hit a major milestone soon!

Overall, I believe ZaCo Technologies is going to achieve incredible success!

– Zachary Collins

[Internaut is where I’ll be blogging about my entrepreneurial journey from here on out, in a more light-hearted and less formal form than this first post! If you’re curious, internaut is defined as a user of the Internet, especially a habitual or skilled one.]


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